Ensure a Thorough New Construction Inspection in Fort Smith, AR

Many individuals assume that new construction doesn’t need a professional inspection. This misconception is quite common. However, professionals now strongly suggest that new construction buyers and builders partner with a professional inspector. The Harbour Home Inspections, LLC team, offers new construction inspections in Fort Smith, AR, and its surrounding areas. With their help and guidance, you can uncover incorrect installations, serious safety issues, and more early on in the construction process. In the end, you’ll get what you need- a well-built home.

They Go Beyond the Basics

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Harbour Home Inspections, LLC doesn’t take new construction home inspections lightly as they are a trained building inspector. Their number one priority is discovering imperfections in the construction process to save you loads of time and trouble down the line.

Their inspections consist of:

  • Pre-Pour inspections
  • Pre-Drywall Inspections
  • Final Inspections
  • And Warranty Inspections

Your Go-to Building Inspector

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Many of the deficiencies that a home inspector unveils trace back to a poor construction job initially. Ensure that your builders aren’t cutting corners and that if there are honest mistakes, they get corrected immediately. Call Harbour Home Inspections, LLC today for your new construction inspection in Fort Smith, AR.

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We offer services in:

  • Fort Smith, AR
  • Van Buren, AR
  • Mulberry, AR
  • Dyer, AR
  • Booneville, AR
  • Ozark, AR
  • Clarksville, AR
  • Alma, AR
  • Lavaca, AR
  • Greenwood, AR
  • Charleston, AR
  • Hackett, AR
  • Roland, OK
  • Stilwell, OK
  • Sallisaw, OK
  • Spiro, OK
  • Poteau, OK